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Having had enough freezing drizzle and incessant grey skies for one lifetime, professional photographers, husband and wife team Piotr and Amanda, decided to swap their surroundings for golden sun and white beaches. Their mixed-up roots, Trinidadian, Polish, English, Nigerian, Canadian and Guyanese makes for interesting conversation, as well as for diverse taste in home decor. Their former careers in an international news agency gives them no foundadtion for running a guest house, but from their dedication, eye for detail and general house-proudness, they hope you'll feel the warmth generated from opening up their home to you.   When not seeing to guests and taking photographs you'll probably find Piotr diving or spear fishing and practicing one of his five languages. Amanda loves music, cooking and running, especially with their  two Belgian Shepherds Jpeg and Pixel. But it is their love of nature and liming with friends which pleases them most.

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