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Take timeout without taking time off from work.

A professional woman smiles while looking at her phone and laptop as she works from a table during her workcation in the Caribbean island of Tobago
A woman sits at a table while working remotely on her laptop

Taking a workcation gives you a chance to get a change of scenery, without using your precious vacation days.  You still get to enjoy yourself and have fun, but you don’t have to deal with the stress of preparing for, missing, and recovering from a week off of work. Ultimately it's a bonus for you or for your company by keeping you happy and productive.

Be Productive—and Have Fun!

Young student speaks to his teacher during an online class on his laptop poolside at Firefly Villa, Tobago

Safe and Secure

Firefly Villa provides a calm and relaxing destination. We pride ourselves on having a welcoming, safe and secure place, particularly for lone female guests. We have comfortable work spaces with strong stable fibre optic Wi-Fi all around.

Be Inspired

Businesswoman works remotely on her laptop from a balcony of an apartment with a view to the Caribbean Sea in Tobago

Choose your 'cation

At the desk, poolside or in the hammock, all equally productive work locations, Firefly Villa is quiet enough to take any calls/meetings or study, and you can still get your work done while enjoying what Tobago has to offer.

Lack of space? Lack of connectivity? Or simply lack of inspiration? Being out of the office could help clear your head and help you work on that current project. Return refreshed and ready to work even harder than before (and without the post-vacation inbox).


Wind Down After Working/Studying

Why not work from a stress free space to start with?  While the idea of the work-cation popped up long before the coronavirus pandemic, it’s especially doable for the whole family now that more people are working remotely and more and more school districts are opting for virtual learning instead of in-person classes. No international borders to cross. Easy to get to, and access to all conveniences.

A young Trinidadian school pupil does her French lesson remotely online from Tobago

Stay, Work and Play

Watch the sunrise before work, walk on the beach, go for a swim in the pool, listen to the birds, catch the surf in your lunch break or head straight to the beach (which is only five minutes away from Firefly Villa) after a hard day. Focus on your work, knowing that every evening and weekend you can do what you would love on holiday every day.

A young man holds his surfboard above his head on the beach in Tobago
A person is silhouetted as they sit in a lotus position while meditating after doing yoga on Grafton beach Tobago during sunset
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