Quick facts
  • Tobago, the smaller serene sister island to loud and flamboyant Trinidad, belongs to the Lesser Antilles in the eastern Caribbean and is located a few miles away from Venezuela.  It's only 40 kms (25 miles) long and 10 kms (6.2 miles) wide with an area of approximately 300 square kms (120 sq. miles).

  • Although Tobago is an island, the fauna are continental in origin, since Tobago was once joined to the South American continent some one million years ago. 

  • Tobago has colourful birds, butterflies, rare turtles and exotic fish, but there are no are no poisonous snakes, no man eating sharks, no box jelly fish or killer spiders in Tobago. There are mosquitoes. 

  • Tobago is so close to the mainland of South America, it manages to avoid most of the Caribbean’s bad storms and is officially considered to be outside of the ‘Hurricane Belt’.

  • The Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve is the oldest legally protected forest reserve ( since 1776).  The 14,000 acres of lush forest along the central spine of the island stretches for more than one-half the length of the island.

  • Mass tourism doesn't exist in Tobago and there are no high-rises on the island.

  • Tobago is home to  the world’s largest single brain coral colony measuring 10ft (3M) high and 16ft (5.3M) across!

  • Some of Tobago's most picturesque bays were once bona-fide haunts of ruthless eighteenth-century Caribbean pirates. There are still rumours of buried gold, but hopeful treasure hunters have thus far been disappointed. 


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